Canine Services

We have a strong alliance with a UK based canine provider and we are extremely proud to be able to offer these service to our clients. A service that is unmatched within the UK.

All canine teams are highly experienced with military or police backgrounds and are qualified under NASDU.

We offer:

- Security patrol dog teams

- Explosive detection dog teams

- Passive drug detection dog teams (People search)

- Proactive drug detection dog teams (Area / Vehicle search)

- Specialist requests

Why choose a security dog team over a static guard?

Due to the dogs heightened senses they are able to detect hidden intruders from 300 metres away. 

A dog handler offers a greater deterant when compared to a static guard.

One security patrol dog can provide the same or a greater level of security than 3 static guards, making a dog team highly cost effective.

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