Residential Security Services

Our residential security services are the most effective way of protecting you, your family and your home.

Residential Security is the name given to the manned guarding of a residential property or estate. Aurum Protection have been providing these services for a long time and we are proud to say that it is one of our specialities.

We like to treat Residential Security and estate security like an onion with its many layers. When beginning a new contract we always carry out a risk assessment and site security survey, our unique method means that we never overlook anything. Like peeling an onion we start on the outside methodically working our way in to the middle giving our clients recommendations for improving their overall security along the way.

Once this has been completed, we then look to really get to know our clients in order for us to match them with the staff to suit their lifestyle, not only is this important from a security point of view, it also means our clients are much happier and get along well with the staff that we have provided.

Residential Security is an ever evolving process and our job isn't over once our staff are onsite, our diligent and experienced operatives; all of whom are Close Protection professionals, will look everyday for weaknesses in the properties security ensuring that we are continually improving our clients safety.

Residential Security is the perfect way of protecting you, your family and your home. Aurum Protection are the perfect company to provide these services for you.

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